Psychic Class


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October 28, 2017 - 10:00AM - NOON 

  It’s simple. No fancy name, no woohoo and definitely no gargoyles!

  Come  and learn all about your psychic abilities in this brand new  interactive workshop I created just for you!

In this workshop  surrounded by light and love I’m taking the mystery out of psychic  phenomenon. You see, my mission is for you to have a better  understanding of our universe and to know just what the term “psychic”  really means. Cool right?

Some highlights of what you’ll learn
Recognizing your abilities  
Using your abilities
Enhancing your abilities

We’ll  be having coffee, tea and something delicious to get us rolling and  because this is a new workshop I want it to be above awesome so I’m  giving you a signed copy of my new book From Psychic to Soul. And last, you’ll receive  a special dinner offer from Hillcrest Country Club. WOW! Now that’s a workshop!

Totally awesome, totally inspiring, totally fun. Sign up today!

$49.00 per person 

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 In this eclectic journey you will be transported to a realm beyond our own.

Open  only to 8 individuals for any one journey, you will be draw with others  known to you on a soul level.  The layers to the Healing Journey are  amazing and the journey is one event that has to be experienced as mere  words are inadequate to describe this amazing adventure of  self-discovery. So get ready for a journey that’s truly unforgettable. 

Next Journey TBA