Testimonials Diane receives


 Diane I can't thank you enough for linking me with the song.  It was  most meaningful to me but also that you took the effort to send it.  We  had a successful session with Jack, no doubt in my mind about it.  With sincere gratitude for your time and energy. Donna    August 2017

 Diane, thank you from the bottom of my heart. After all these years I have the real Jeanne back. I  don't think that you could have a had happier sole than Jeanne today.  We both cried for an hour. All these years she has never forgiven  herself for not being there when Amy died. Today you made it all better. She was so pleased and happy. And what you said about her granddaughter made her smile. I told you Bella was like an old soul. I am so happy that I gave her all the time to herself -- and I know you gave her extra. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Carol  April 2017

 Good  morning Diane, I wanted to thank you for meeting with me and spending  so much time with me. It meant so much to me. I was very impressed and  very relived. A lot of burden has been lifted from my heart and I wanted  to thank you for that. It seems the world looks a little bit brighter  now thanks to you. I just want to tell you from the bottom of my heart  how much I thank you for doing what you did for my son and I... You’re  such a wonderful person and so caring.... I’ll be praying for you every  day. God bless, Rogers mom,  March 2017  

 “If   you have not had the pleasure to enjoy a reading from Diane what are    you waiting for? Not only is she professional, caring, proficient,    skilled and just plain gifted!!” “She   cares about all of her  clients. And that in my book says a lot. It’s   not just enough to have a  gift, it truly is how you choose to use it!!   And Diane is a gift, so  enjoy whatever adventure you choose to take  with  her. You will not be  disappointed!”  Holly DiMauro, CT 

"Hi  Diane,  I   had the privilege of sitting with you for an hour reading.   I just   wanted to thank you for your caring and sensitive reading. I  feel I   benefited greatly from it, and I found you to be sincere,  caring and   with a sense of humor that was absolutely calming to my  soul! I hope to   see you again in 6 months or so, and to see great  improvements in   another reading. I feel very optimistic about my life  path, and I thank   you for your guidance on my quest." Sincerely KL

"Diane   is a  very talented intuitive counselor with a refreshingly open and    light-hearted approach to working with her clients. The thing that is    most striking about her is that she seems to have such full faith in   her  clients' ability to recognize their own truths that she does not   judge  the messages coming through, but instead relays them   effortlessly,  moving from subject to subject in a process that can  best  be described  as 'organic'. It was a real treat working with her  and  seeing her work. I  would recommend her to all who are open to a  genuine  experience."  Curtis W.

Dear  Diane,  My   husband and I would like to thank you for all of the info  you passed  on  to us from our son on April 12, 2015 at Annies Book  Stop. You  mentioned  that sometimes people think of things after that  didn't  register at the  time. Well, that happened to me....   You gave  us a lot  of accurate  info which we acknowledged while we were there  and now  even more since  I've had time to think about things. My  husband and I  are really  impressed with the gift you have, and have no  doubts of your  ability--  and yes that you are for real.
 Sincerely,  Ann and Glen Smith

Hello  Diane,  I was with you last night at this time at the Leicester Public  Library.   It was a blessed evening for me and one for my friends also  who   experienced something magnificent because of me.  I was the first  lady   who received messages from my mother, sister and brother. I  learned  they  are happily dancing in heaven and are smiling down on me  while  standing  by me as I go through this worldly life as the last of  the  family...
    I truly believe my whole family made their presence known to me   through  you. Going on without my family has been trying for me and I    whole-heartedly believe they took this opportunity to let me know they    are holding me up and wishing me happiness.  Naturally, I could not   have had this experience any other way except  through your energy and   dedication to this mediumship with us. Thank you  very much for coming   and sharing your gifts. You gave me something  priceless which I can   only try to explain to others. I am a believer.  Mariann

Hi  Diane,  I   was at your Together, a Message presentation last night in  Webster.   Even though no one came through for me, I was amazed and  touched by   those that did and by your gift.
 Thank you for an enjoyable and amazing evening!!  Elaine


"I    want you to know that you present information in a very kind and   gentle  manner.  If anyone is the least bit apprehensive about the   "process"  you would be the medium that I would suggest.  Thank you so   much for  sharing your gift with me!" Maryann Z

 "I   always wondered what  it's like on the other side.  My medium session   with you and Lionel  gave me the peace of mind that he's fine and "life   is good." ..... Thank  you God for giving Diane this "special"  talent."   Kathie

"Dear  Diane, I wanted to thank you again for the workshop on Saturday.  I was  just amazed – and it was exactly what I needed for confirmation. I will  definitely, keep an eye on your website when you are in West Hartford  again! All the best."  Laura Z. Bloomfield, CT

 "I   took the Healing Journey with Diane and had an enlightening    experience.  What I discovered on this journey was a gift that made me    realize that a few things happening in reality were not coincidences  at   all.  Each person in the group who participated in my journey were   given  messages that were specific to them.  It was certainly "a trip"   to  remember to a beautiful destination filled with mystery and   knowledge."   Miss M

 "Unique    Experience. A way for the soul to speak in ways you never imagined.     For me the experience pointed out some deep concerns of mine and at  the   same time gave me the answers. That in itself was very comforting  and   healing. Thank you again Diane, the two journeys have made me much  more   at peace."  Sheila P. 

 I    have been blessed with the gift of Di’s healing powers during my   battle  with cancer.   After my first experiences with chemo therapy I    felt uncomfortable side effects such as loss of appetite, fatigue,  loss   of focus.  After working with Di these side effects were not  there at   all. When I explained this  to my doctors they checked the  records to   make sure that I was given the proper dosage of medication  which I was   given. Documented by my sister who had been with me for  the previous   treatments my side effects were almost none existent and  my energy  level  was much better. My eating, and focus was decidedly  better.  The  gift  of Di has helped to relieve the side effects that I  had before and   allowed me to feel better and  much more confident  facing this   challenges.  I call Di, my miracle worker.  Lynn


"I    have had the great fortune to know Diane for many years. She    consistently amazing me with her knowledge and growth in the spiritual    universe. I have been involved with her spiritual journeys, readings   and  medium talents. She has been and will continue to be a blessing in   my  life. I have been to others in her field but Diane brings her  talent  to a  deeper level, not only with her talent but with her love.  She is a  must  be in  my life and should be in yours." Barbara  Cantwell 

 "I   have been blessed to have experienced Diane's incredible gift on   several occasions. My  first introduction was at a mediumship   experience. During this event,  not only did I receive personal and   powerful messages from my departed  loved ones, the others in  attendance  did as well.  Since  that  time, I have attended other  events including the Healing Journey,  which  was a very emotional and  cleansing experience. Having such a  rewarding  outcome led me to  explore further. Recently, Diane did a  private reading  for me, by far  the most in depth experience thus far!  I  received  answers to  questions I have never uttered to a living soul.  The glimpse  into my  future allowed me to make decisions with  confidence, knowing I  was on  the right path. Diane is a truly gifted  and kind spirit. My life has  been blessed by her and so will yours."  Anna