A Little Inspiration


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 Be  yourself. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? But when fear and  insecurities crowd your mind and shut down your heart, being  yourself—never mind being your best self—suddenly can be the hardest  thing to do, if not downright impossible. But Diane has  learned throughout her twenty-five years as a psychic medium that,  thanks to the spiritual realm, we all can access our own inner  greatness. With well over two hundred motivating messages, A Little Inspiration  is bursting with big impact, reminding readers that a hopeful future  isn’t something only children can expect. Spelling out universal truths,  offering practical suggestions, and waking you up to the goodness in  your life, this book will lead you from being stuck, downhearted, and  dispirited to being fully alive, grounded in peace, and overflowing with  love. Whether you read a  message when you wake up or choose to carry this book with you  throughout your day, you’ll quickly realize this is a book to cherish  for a lifetime. And because A Little Inspiration goes a long way, it’s also a great gift for loved ones going through major life transitions. 


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